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We strongly focus on market-oriented,commercial utilization of biotech research, so that it benefits our farmers and growers, and contributes to the pressing need for poverty and enable rural employments an enhancing food nutrition and security

OUR Research & Development


We strongly focus on market-oriented, commercial utilization of biotech research, so that it benefits our farmers and growers, and contributes to the pressing need for poverty alleviation and enhanced food nutrition and security.

Being a recognized R&D unit with a strong technical team lead by experienced leaders with 30 years of commercial industry experience, we can offer starter cultures, technology transfer of our existing product lines, and contract research services to other organizations.

See our currently funded projects and collaborations. We welcome universities, research institutes, or other academic organizations wishing to collaborate on currently funded projects or new projects.


Research Projects and Collaboration:

  • In collaboration with the Department of Horticulture, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA  for a Potato tissue culture research project


OUR Leaf Analysis

There are several valuable tools such as Leaf analysis and soil tests which help farmers make better management decisions about plant nutrition. A soil and water analysis is carried out before planting, so that appropriate soil conditioning and crop planning can be done. In an already established plantation or orchard of high value crop such as Banana, Grapes, Date Palm, Fig, Apple, Citrus etc, leaf analysis is the most reliable guide for evaluating what manures and nutrients are to be given. In these existing orchards or plantations, soil tests alone may not give a good indication of tree nutrient uptake. Leaf analysis can be used for the following:

Research problems associated with a nutrient shortage or overdose, and to prevent the development of a nutrient disorder in an orchard. For example, if NPK is given at the wrong time or in wrong proportion, growth of the tree continues late into the season and it fails to harden properly, leading to winter injury

Find out which fertilizers are unnecessary or unneeded, so that the farmer can save money by using the most economical fertilizer program. Leaf analysis provides information for reducing the application of unneeded fertilizer. Due to increasing prices of fertilizers and farming inputs margins of farmers are being squeezed. Effective fertilizer programs are imperative in large commercial scale plantations to remain competitive in the domestic and export markets.

Help growers and farmers maintain quality in fruit production. For example, too much nitrogen (N) can result in oversized, poorly-colored fruit with poor keeping quality.

Detect toxicity of soil in existing orchard, or even when planning land purchase for starting a farm or orchard. Toxicity problem in hard or woody plants due to toxic ions of sodium, boron or chloride that are present in soil and water.

OUR Management Team:

The company belongs to SR GREENTECH. The Group is mainly based on setting up experimental agricultural systems, promotion of organized marketing strategies, and the development of technical agricultural services. 

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors and located in Bangalore, INDIA.


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