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SR GreenTech Company was established with an ultra-modern plant tissue culture laboratory to introduce tissue culture raised plants. Its the first commercial tissue culture lab established, producing and supplying good quality planting material such as tissue culture raised plants.

Biotechnology is considered a very advanced, complex, and costly discipline of science in modern times, have a dream to make use of Biotechnology at the rural livelihood level by simplifying the latest techniques. The overall effort of SR GreenTech is to train and enhance the capacity of any rural individual and empower rural women to become biotech entrepreneurs and serve mankind with sustainable prosperity.

We are a one-stop-shop for our specific customer target group and can build and equip a complete laboratory with a focus on core products such as media preparatory, dispensing machines, autoclaves, culture vessels, laboratory tools, biochemicals, and agar.

We work every day hard with a motivated and enthusiastic team to provide best-in-class products and service to our customers. Our deep product knowledge and drive to innovate help us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Interested in joining us? Please see the below details, if there is anything available that suits you
We have an extended knowledge base due to our international experience and we offer different consultancies and training to improve your laboratory.

Offers consultancy/advice for:

  • Optimizing production and cost-efficiency
  • Creating sterile environments
  • Choosing the right equipment, necessities, and disposables

Offers training for:

  • Media preparation
  • Recipe development
  • Basic maintenance and repair
  • Improvement of work processes Using equipment


Project summer training for B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Tech. & M.Tech. Students. Short Term Training for Students, Farmers, and Entrepreneurs. Rural Students 10th and 2nd Puc for job oriented training with stipend


  • We undertake turnkey Tissue Culture projects.
  • We Undertake turnkey Tissue Culture Projects.
  • We undertake production projects within the timeline.

Internships/ Projects/ Training

Education and Training in ultra-modern Plant Tissue Culture is an integral part of Comercial Agriculture. We have initiatives to support rural students and rural women to upskill with the latest agriculture technology in the area of Plant Tissue Culture. The programs include Long Term Internships, Yearly based projects, the conduct of multi-level training programs/awareness workshops, etc. Some Centres provide an opportunity for the student community to carry out their project work as part of their academic curriculum.

To make use of good talents from the rural areas have been permitted to upskill and perform project work in the area of Plant Tissue Culture which is a booming industry.

Opportunities are provided for all the rural youths and empower rural women to upskill and work with the project work.